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About Me

I believe that how we experience the world is organised by emotional filters. These are the result of our psychological and relationship history and the conscious and unconscious motivations underpinning them.

By mutually exploring how these factors impact our present experience, in a therapeutic context, we can work towards a richer understanding and awareness of our behaviour. This can facilitate deeper self-reflection and can alter and broaden how we perceive future experience and relationships.

I am currently a UKCP trainee psychotherapist. My training, through the BCPC in Bath, is integrative and encompasses a variety of different approaches. My background is in social research and education.

My areas of interest include trauma and unresolved childhood issues, identity, loss and bereavement, depression and anxiety, social anxiety, negative thought patterns and work and education-based stress.

Seán Carroll

Why Psychotherapy?

As we are all unique and diverse the reasons for seeking therapy vary significantly. Typically, people come to find assistance they have not found in other areas in life. This can be the result of specifically traumatic events such as grief or breakdowns in relationships or in an attempt to understand acute distress or anxiety. People can also find themselves feeling trapped in negative and painful patterns of behaviour. Others are seeking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, why they feel the way they do and how much control they have over these feelings. Sometimes this exploration is used to determine career, relationship and personal goals.

I offer a safe, non-judgemental and supported space in which to explore these thoughts and feelings. By bringing more of our experience into conscious awareness we can feel more perceptive and emotionally equipped to deal with the demands of our lives.


As I am now in the latter stages of my psychotherapy training I am offering a reduced fee of:


  • Psychotherapy is typically open-ended and the number of sessions is dependent on you and your individual needs. This can be discussed in the initial assessment session. There is no obligation to continue beyond this session if you feel my approach is not suited to your needs.


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